Outsourcing: that word implies securing and saving all your online activities.

The outsourcing package available at PapillonWeb is very diverse. We have regular file and database savings. We also offer a permanent monitoring of your website and regular updates we deem necessary to make your website run properly. Maintenance and security operations are taken care by our technical team so that you can focus solely on your activity. We will also work with you on any major evolutions of your activity. That could be in the domain of optimization or just new updates.


Security is an important element in our outsourcing activity. It is imperative that your confidential and technical data be protected in the best way possible. We can take care of that so you will be the only one to have access to your system.


Before you decide on the type of service you plan to obtain, PapillonWeb proposes to take care of your needs, know the application to host, and have an idea on the budget you intend to allocate to realize the service. The use of a dedicated server such as the one used by PapillonWeb presents various advantages compared to a classic server. First of all, it executes the tasks faster and has a faster display rate. Monitoring is also better because automatic alarms are installed and sent directly to our server in case there are some technical issues. The fact that we use our own server gives also the opportunity to have a better reaction time. Losing data you might have stocked in your website might cause really important issues and that kind of risk of often ignored. PapillonWeb proposes to you a saving strategy that gives you the opportunity to save your data daily regardless of the type of outsourcing service you subscribed for. Everything is stocked in a secure server that guarantees a perfect privacy of your data. One of the advantages you get from using our own server is the fact that you can retrieve everything in case there are some technical breakdowns. That could be total or partial. It depends on the type of data you intend to retrieve which could be just ordinary files, databases, or SQL table.


Standard: 90 euro/ hour (processed in 24h)

Serenity: 105 Euro/ hour (processed in 4h)

Those pricing also include a complete outsourcing package with materials monitoring (charge of the processor, hard drive usage, charge of de RAM, and various verifications..), software monitoring (MySQL, email server, Apache,…), updates, daily saving, and a 50GB of space to save your files.



  • 50GB: 15€ HT/Month
  • 100GB: 25€ HT/Month
  • 200GB: 40€ HT/Month
  • 500GB: 80€ HT/Month

PapillonWeb takes care, at a reasonable price, of all necessary operations needed to realize your own website in order to provide you with the best hosting service for your activity. We can directly establish customized email accounts for you. It does not matter how many, you will get what you ask. However, this service takes into account the availability of the name you intend to give your address, any potential transfers, the availability of the extensions (like .com, .fr, .eu…), and the optimization of your email boxes. We also have a management service available 7 days a week. With PapillonWeb, you only have one trustful interlocutor to take care of all the tasks concerning your data (database, secure payment…). That guarantees you a perfect secrecy and privacy. If the hosting service you are using right now is done by another company, we can also redirect your website towards the new host and move your data within the new hosting solution proposed by PapillonWeb.

All this does not make sense to you? You need more advices? Fill out these forms and we will contact you as soon as possible so we can start discussing about your future plans.



Our love of computers, internet programs, and technological tools have led have led PapillonWeb to realize web projects. All those works have made us better and be the successful company we are today. Our customers are satisfied with our services. At PapillonWeb, we are convinced that future applications and websites need to be captivating and resourceful for their users. Despite the challenges we might encounter in this job, we always remain simple and reachable. Contact us, you will not be disappointed.

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