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An important number: 91%. That is the percentage of internet users in France that use Google as default search engine. That number as pretty much the same in other European countries. It is therefore important to take that into account when you realize your own website or any Ecommerce activity. The algorithm that manages the Google search engine evolves constantly. It gets improved continually in order to satisfy the users as much as possible.


In order to have more chance to succeed, 3 different types of search engines need to be taken into account


» Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

» Social Media Optimization (SMO)

» Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

PapillonWeb proposes to assist you in establishing a search engine optimization strategy that meets all the requirements put forth by Google by evaluating the technical assets of your website. The goal is to find any potential technical issues that might arise and which might prevent the pages to have an optimum functionality. We will help you improve the time it takes to load pages on your website, and take care of duplicated content…..We also intend to correct the keywords used in your search engine optimization in order improve their relevance. This kind of work will be coupled with the improvement of your URL links so that they become more visible to internet users. There is also the use of Google Master Tools, which was established by Google and intended to develop web indexing in order to get the best search engine optimization. PapillonWeb will also use other techniques to improve your webpage such as the use of sitemap protocol files and robot.txt files.


These technical works are always coupled with registrations to the directories of your websites. We propose 50 to 200 targeted directories by using unique and original texts in order to avoid the possibility of having duplicate contents. Social Media Optimization is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. That is why PapillonWeb would like to propose to you a strategy in which we create a blog that is directly linked to your online business so that you can drastically increase and improve the amount of search directed towards your pages. However, that is a completely different service so it is up to you if you wish to have it or not included in the deal.


Google AdWords: It is true that it is not a search engine optimization technique you could use in the long term. However, its advantage lies on the fact that it has the capability to offer immediate results related to internet users online searches due to the fact it is a Google online commercial program. Your business activities will be able to be visible for a couple of hours in order to target the desired customers. You will be able, through this technique, to increase the rate of searches and visits directed towards your webpages. How does it work? It is simple, you pay and you will appear on the front page. If you use the correct keywords, you will be able to obtain excellent results. That is why you need to make sure that you work with people who have experiences in this type activity. That is where PapillonWeb gets involved. The cost of Google AdWords varies and the limits depend entirely on your budget. Therefore, each commercial and online ad could be displayed for a period of time, stopped and then displayed again. The rule is simple. We will determine your budget and we will work together to make it flourish.

Here are the principles you need to know when establishing a successful Google AdWords campaign:

• Establish campaign targeted to promote products and services available within your business activity

• Relevant web content

• Rédaction d’un contenu textuel pertinent

• Geographically based targeting (regions and languages)

• Time-based targeting

• Return On Investment Optimization

• Conversion tracking

• Cost Per Acquisition

• Permanent control over the relevance of the keywords

• Defining the budget

Starting from 99 Euro for a google AdWords campaign-Pricing done after a cost estimate of your search engine optimization. The pricing does not cover the displaying cost of your ads which is paid directly to Google Inc.

Starting from 249 Euros you get a minimum of 200 high quality directories submissions which will be written by professional writers working for our company.

Starting from 399 Euros you can ask to exchange 500 links through the use different kind of webrings. Those are websites that present the same characteristics as yours and have the same ranking or higher than yours. We want to precise that generally, 500 exchanges provide in return 15 valid links.

Starting from 399 Euros you can ask for a press release to be broadcasted through 50 specialized sites. Those 50 sites are not part of Google Penguin Penalty and are not in No Follow. Also, in order for the backlinks to be different, our team of writers works on as many original releases as possible.

All this does not make sense to you? You are not sure of your choice? Let us talk about it!

Fill out this form and we will contact you so we can work together to find the best strategy that works with your budget and your company.



Our love of computers, internet programs, and technological tools have led have led PapillonWeb to realize web projects. All those works have made us better and be the successful company we are today. Our customers are satisfied with our services. At PapillonWeb, we are convinced that future applications and websites need to be captivating and resourceful for their users. Despite the challenges we might encounter in this job, we always remain simple and reachable. Contact us, you will not be disappointed.

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