A pleasant text to read is good, It is even better if it contains the essential keywords related to your activity.

A quality search engine optimization always has to have high quality web content. Today, Google puts a lot of effort into filtering the quality of your web content and the relevance of the informations displayed. That is the number one criteria Google uses to position your pages


The challenges from getting a high quality web content might arise from the fact that it might be quite difficult to present relevant and reliable informations to the users while respecting the rules and guidelines pre-established by Google. It would be naïve to believe that being good at writing in a specific language is enough. As a matter of fact, one also needs to be technically competent. In order to prevent over optimization, PapillonWeb proposes its expertise and savoir-faire to help you get a well-balanced web content and search engine optimization by using techniques and approved work ethics.


All texts proposed by PapillonWeb are originals in order to meet the expectations set by Google search engines. How we do it? We first, take a look at your users and we try to understand the kind of environment you would like to create on your web pages. After that, we will compose original and unique texts with the help from various writers and consultants. We will make sure those texts respect the guidelines set by Google in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Our job is to make sure your web page is available, welcoming, and user friendly. Users will be attracted more to your websites when they find the content of your pages useful and reliable. Those factors determine your level of professionalism which would earn you your customers’ trust. Otherwise, poorly presented and badly written web contents would be an obstacle that would prevent you from advancing in your activity.


A partir de 50 euros TTC – Tarif dégressif de la rédaction de contenu optimisé SEO selon la quantité de pages web à rédiger.

Délai de réalisation entre 1 et 4 semaines selon quantité.

Nous vous proposerons un devis personnalisé en fonction du thème et du nombre de pages web à rédiger.


Our love of computers, internet programs, and technological tools have led have led PapillonWeb to realize web projects. All those works have made us better and be the successful company we are today. Our customers are satisfied with our services. At PapillonWeb, we are convinced that future applications and websites need to be captivating and resourceful for their users. Despite the challenges we might encounter in this job, we always remain simple and reachable. Contact us, you will not be disappointed.

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