Our goal for your E-commerce: build the essential tool for your success

We have a lot of experience working with Prestashop. We can help you develop your online business. Creating an E-Commerce website is definitely the most challenging part for a startup online business. Fortunately, Papillonweb is an expert in the domain. All our developers and designers master Prestashop.

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If you have the need to put goods and articles for sale, An E-Commerce website is what you need in order to maximize your visibility and attract potential customers. More than 50 billion Euro worth of purchases are made on the internet every year. Almost 70% of 16-74 years of age have made online purchases. Also, the increase in online sales is around 15% to 20% every year, whereas shops have seen a decrease in sales. It is clear that E-commerce is becoming more and more inevitable in the years to come for any company. Whether you are a startup business or having in operating for some years, it is never too late to create your own E-commerce. To help you succeed in this kind of project, all you have to do is contact PapillonWeb and they will assist you in every step of the way.

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In order to achieve this goal, it is imperative that we talk about these important points:

  • Graphic quality: visualization is very important on the internet. The user needs to feel welcomed and comfortable the moment he opens your web page. PapillonWeb is here to help you design your own website to attract customers and earn their trust.
  • Easy and stress –free browsing: Customers are more and more a hurry and they want find as fast as possible what they are looking for. That is the reason why your website has to be able to propose an easy to use, welcoming, but effective browsing capability that meets the customers’ expectations.
  • A climate of trust: A customer has to always feel comfortable and secure when ordering online. That is why PapillonWeb always puts security and comfort as priorities. An online transaction payment system needs to be simple, fast and reliable.
  • Visibility: You might have the most beautiful internet website in the world but if it is not visible to people then it will not help you increase and develop your activity. PapillonWeb can assist you in search engine optimization and search engine advertising.
  • The Evolution of your activity: Your catalog evolves and your activity changes. You no longer have the same needs you had when you first started your business. That is why our E-Commerce solution always tries to keep in track with new demands and trends.

  • Statistical analysis: PapillonWeb possesses statistical tools and techniques to help improve your activity. Those tools are necessary to direct your activity towards the right path to business success.


The software we use such as Prestashop gives us a lot of leeway when it comes to manage those different factors. That also obviously implies the fact that we also have the ability to help you manage your activity in its integrality. We are ourselves operating in the E-commerce, so we do have a lot of experience in that area.

More than 170,000 shops around the world have already relied on the Prestashop Open Source platform and its ease of use.

Why not you ?

Demo Front Office    Demo Back Office 

Back Office Connection Settings:

Email: demo@demo.us

Password: demo/demoEN


Graphic convention on template Included
Custom graphics Optional
Number of pages included Illimité
Contact page Included
Legal notice Included
Add-on modules Optional
Plateforme Prestashop 1.6 – 1.7
Domain name for 1 year Included
Hosting Included
SEO Included
Indexing Included
Sitemap xml Included

From 999 euros – Achievement between 4 and 6 weeks.

An E-commerce project requires all the attention and a set up of many management modules for your shop and graphically reflects the spirit of your activity. Every store must be unique so your E-commerce must be unique too!

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Our love of computers, internet programs, and technological tools have led have led PapillonWeb to realize web projects. All those works have made us better and be the successful company we are today. Our customers are satisfied with our services. At PapillonWeb, we are convinced that future applications and websites need to be captivating and resourceful for their users. Despite the challenges we might encounter in this job, we always remain simple and reachable. Contact us, you will not be disappointed.

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