Our mission: get you out of the dark and let you be known to the world.

Make your own website recognized, keep your customers, create exchanges….PapillonWeb will help you to focus your communication around simple but important and effective areas that would provide you a fast return on investment. Also, we also try to stay within the communication ideals that you want to maintain in respect of all the different techniques available. Newsletters are one of those tools that guarantee you a successful web business. Sending newsletters present many advantages. As a matter of fact, its cost is less than a paper based campaign. Also, its conversion rate is high and the customers like the idea.


Papillonweb can help you realize a simple communication tool designed around newsletter techniques for your website. We will use your logo, your graphic charter, and your own visual designs so that internet users recognize automatically your online business. We take care of the page layout in order to display the intended message to be delivered. We also manage the planning of shipment and the customization of email addresses. The pages are written in HTML languages in order to respect the rules that guides newsletters format. Routing is done via a reliable and secure bandwidth in order to correctly manage the images, data, and any issues that might arise.


We also realize sliders or advertising banners for your Ecommerce activity. Those ads give you the opportunity to focus your communication towards the home page and all the offers that you wish to explicitly display at a given time. Those are indeed very important because they are one of the biggest reasons that attract customers in the first place.


You do not have any logo yet?

PapillonWeb can help you create one that represents you and your activity. A logo gives the opportunity to be known more quickly. It is also a mean to display your dynamism and your professionalism that would differentiate you from your competitors. We have experiences in making high definition logos. Our specialty is the vector logo which is great because it is reusable in any kind of formats let it be flyers, banners, or cards…

However, that list is not all. We can design any kind of Ecommerce website while always taking into consideration your graphic charter.

You have a project in mind? You do not know where to start? Let us work together on the possibilities!

All you need to do is contact us and fill out these forms.



Our love of computers, internet programs, and technological tools have led have led PapillonWeb to realize web projects. All those works have made us better and be the successful company we are today. Our customers are satisfied with our services. At PapillonWeb, we are convinced that future applications and websites need to be captivating and resourceful for their users. Despite the challenges we might encounter in this job, we always remain simple and reachable. Contact us, you will not be disappointed.

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